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Convert your PDF to a live flash e-brochure for Free!

Feel free to take the free trial now, by uploading your pdf file, and watch it while it turns into an online brochure within 2 minutes! Simple follow these quick steps…
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The ideal e-Brochure needs:
All pages need to be in a single PDF file with
   the pages in the correct order.
No spreads included (double pages).
PDF quality must be at least 150 dpi.
Files need to be cropped.
   (No crop marks included otherwise at the
   end whitespace will be on display.)
Supported PDF versions: 1.3 - 1.7
The ideal e-Brochure needs:
Filesize must be up to 25 Mb.
   (In case you need to upload a file greater
   than 25 Mb please contact us.)
PDF file must include up to 50 pages.
   (In case you need to upload a file including
   over 50 pages,please contact us. The
   e-Brochure preview will display only the
   first 50 pages.)

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