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Online publication benefits:

a cost-effective & state-of-the-art interactive promotional tool!

Online publications are powerful promotional & selling tools, since they create an atmosphere with music and sound effects and bring your printed publications to life with flash and video.

Being live 24/7, 365 days a year, they can be accessed quickly and easily by both your existing and potential customers and provide you with unlimited distribution potential, via email and through your web site, while bringing you cost savings (no print or postage costs).

But the advantages of your online publication don’t stop there:
Easy access for everyone, just by clicking on a link, without the inconvenience of
  downloading any special software
Fast loading time, for quick access & browsing
User-friendly environment, with theme colors and background sound
Maximized browser window opening, for optimum brochure presentation
Easy navigation, with both the familiar look of flipping pages and the possibility to
  quickly jump to specific pages
Screen resolution adaptation to allow browsing without scrolling
User-friendly “zoom-in”, in just one click
Easy Print function
Easy PDF download function
Easy “Tell a friend” functionality, to share the e-brochure
Keyword content search – upon request add-ons
Embedded videos – upon request add-ons
External links – upon request add-ons
Fast and Easy Conversion - convert your .pdf to a live e-brochure in just a few clicks!
Free 3-day trial: experience for yourself our e-brochure publishing solution before buying!
24/7, 365 days a year accessibility for increased visibility to your readers/customers
Lowered costs– no print or postage, but unlimited distribution potential!
Environmental friendly alternative to printed material (no paper or ink)
Hosting on our server included free of charge
Round-the-clock Account Access
Increased sales with external links that direct traffic to your website or e-shop and
  introduce new revenue streams – upon request add-ons
Traffic statistics reporting – upon request add-ons
In short, your e-brochure offers all the friendliness of your printed publication, with the added power of the Digital World!

Payment with PayPal   e-Brochure. Τhe environmentally friendly idea!